Papers, Articles, and Presentations

This page brings together a selection of papers and presentations by members and advisers of the American Art Collaborative.

Papers and Articles

“Beyond the Hyperlink: Linked Open Data Creates New Opportunities,” Eleanor Fink, Museum (American Alliance of Museums), Jul/Aug. 2015

“How Linked Open Data Can Help in Locating Stolen or Looted Cultural Property,” Eleanor E. Fink, Pedro Szekely, and Craig A. Knoblock, Springer Verlag, EuroMed, November 2014

“Linked Open Data: The Internet and Museums”, Eleanor Fink, American Art Review, June 2014

“Linked Open Data: Interview with Eleanor Fink,” Visual Resources: an international journal on images and their uses, Volume 30, Issue 2, 2014

Connecting the Smithsonian American Art Museum to the Linked Data Cloud [PDF] by Pedro Szekely, Craig A. Knoblock, Fengyu Yang, Xuming Zhu, Eleanor E. Fink, Rachel Allen, and Georgina Goodlander, May 2013

Art Clouds: Reminiscences and Prospects for the Future [PDF]
Talk by Eleanor E. Fink at Princeton University Digital World of Art History July 13, 2012


Is Linked Open Data the way forward?
Presentation by Eleanor Fink, Shane Richey, Jeremy Tubbs, Rebecca Menendez, and Cathryn Goodwin, Museums and the Web, Los Angeles California, April 6-9, 2016

Report on the American Art Collaborative Project
Panel presentation by Shane Richey, Neal Johnson, and Kate Blanch given at Museum Computer Network 2015 meeting in Minneapolis, November 17, 2015

How Linked Open Data Helps Museums Collaborate, Reach New Audiences, and Improve Access to art Information Presentation by Eleanor E. Fink, INTERCOM 2015

The Blossoming of the Semantic Web
Panel presentation given at Museum Computer Network 2013 in Montreal on November 21, 2013.

Connecting the Smithsonian American Art Museum to the Linked Data Cloud
Slides for the “Connecting the Smithsonian American Art Museum to the Linked Data Cloud.” paper presented at the 10th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC), in Montpellier, May 2013. Download the full paper [PDF]

Karma: Tools for Publishing Cultural Heritage Data in the Linked Open Data Cloud
This presentation shows how the Karma tool is used to publish data from cultural heritage databases to the linked data cloud. Karma supports conversion of data to RDF according to user-selected ontologies and linking to other datasets such as

American Art Collaborative Goals
Presentation by Pedro Szekely, 2013