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Overview and Recommendations for Good Practices [PDF 3.6MB]

Cover of Good Practices report
Overview and Recommendations for Good Practices [PDF 3.6MB]
This guide publication, one of the key products of the AAC, is not a starter kit or step-by-step technical manual. Rather, it’s purpose is to share with the museum community what AAC set out to accomplish, how AAC approached LOD, the tools we used, the trials we encountered, the lessons we learned, and our recommendations for good practices for museums interested in joining the LOD community.

Recommendations for Good Practices

(Excerpted from the larger guide publication)

Linked Open Data FAQs 

(Excerpted from the larger guide publication)

Working with Karma

An introduction to the data integration tool used by the collaborative members.

Raw Data on GitHub

Access raw, open data sets from collaborative members.

AAC Browse App Demo

Video demonstration of the beta AAC Browse App, presented to the Yale Linked Open Data Special Interest Group.

Papers, Articles, and Presentations

Links to a selected bibliography of papers and presentations by members and advisers of the American Art Collaborative.

The Linked Art Data Model

Video presentation to the AAC members on June 15, 2017 by Rob Sanderson and David Newbury, providing an introduction to the Linked Art Data model, one of the outcomes of the project.