Consultants & Advisory Council


Eleanor Fink, who founded the AAC, serves as its manager and the point of contact with AAC members, consultants, and advisers. She plans and executes the meetings, resolve issues, tracks project goals and deliverables, and communicates with practitioners in the field. Fink served for 13 years at Smithsonian and then at the J. Paul Getty Trust, initially as founder of the Getty vocabulary program, as program officer for scholarly resources, and then as director of the Getty Information Institute (GII).

Data modeling coordinator Emmanuelle Delmas-Glass helps AAC members prepare their data and identify data points for mapping to the CIDOC CRM. Delmas-Glass is the Collections Data Manager in the Collections Information & Access Department at Yale Center for British Art, which has been working with the CIDOC CRM for several years.

CIDOC CRM expert Stephen Stead works with USC’s Information Sciences Institute in reviewing the applications of the CRM to data mapping and to provide a hands on workshop and data expertise as needed throughout the 18 month grant period. Stead, from Paveprime Ltd., is a highly qualified expert who helped build and develop the CRM.

University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute (ISI), with principal support from Pedro Szekely, applies their KARMA data integration tool to convert AAC records to LOD, develop a curation linking tool, and provide hands on workshops on how to map, refresh, and maintain data. ISI is a world leader in research and development of cyber security, advanced information processing, and computer and communications technologies. A unit of the University of Southern California’s Viterbi School of Engineering, ISI is one of the nation’s largest, most successful university affiliated computer research institutes.

Duane Degler, Design for Context (DfC), serves as facilitator to coordinate meetings, develop application specifications with the AAC members, and advise on best practices for using LOD. Kate Blanch, Data Architect, Design for Context, works with the museums to prepare their collections data and address museum-specific issues. DfC specializes in articulating visual and interaction design requirements for web applications, software, and websites with specific interest in leveraging linked data and semantic technologies.

Advisory Council

Robert Sanderson, Senior Semantic Architect, J. Paul Getty Trust
Sanderson’s research focuses on digital libraries, archives, and museums and their interaction via LOD and the web. He brings relevant experience from his participation in the International Image Interoperability Framework and LOD experience with cultural heritage institutions.

Thorny Staples, Director, (retired) of the Office of Research Information Services at the Smithsonian Institution, Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)
Staples’ work has touched almost every area of digital projects, from technical programming to software development, with a focus on research systems in the humanities.

Craig Knoblock, Director of Data Integration, Information Sciences Institute (ISI), USC
Knoblock is an expert in the area of AI and Information Integration. He has worked on a wide range of topics within this area including information extraction, wrapper learning, source modeling, record linkage, mashup construction, and data integration. Craig and his team specialize in research and development of tools that streamline creation of linked data from existing data repositories (e.g. KARMA).

Martin Doerr, Research Director at the Information Systems Laboratory and head of the Centre for Cultural Informatics of the Institute of Computer Science, FORTH
Doerr has been leading the development of systems for knowledge representation and terminology, metadata and content management. His long-standing interdisciplinary work and collaboration with the International Council of Museums on modeling cultural and historical information has resulted in an ISO Standard, ISO 21127:2014, also known as the CIDOC CRM, a core ontology for the purpose of schema integration across institutions.

Vladimir Alexiev, Lead, Data and Ontology Management Group, Ontotext Corp
Alexiev works on semantic data integration, thesaurus/KOS management, ontology and application profile development in a variety of domains, in particular NLP and cultural heritage. He had significant influence on the CRM mapping of the British Museum and YCBA, created the first implementation of CRM FR Search, developed the LOD representation of the Getty vocabularies, and currently works on mapping the Getty Museum data to CRM and on data integration and authorities for the European Holocaust Research Institute.